Preliminary site assessment
As the cost of met mast installation is not low, it is advisable to carry out numerical simulation to preliminarily assess the wind potential of the site.
Wind Monitoring Program
CFD is applied to predict the wind speed and turbulence distribution across the site. Wind turbine positions are then evaluated, taking into account any site restrictions. Based on this initial layout, representative mast positions are carefully considered. The final objective is to design a wind monitoring program that can closely match your project schedule.
Wind data analysis
Dedicately developed high speed software codes are used to analyse wind data in depth, to quantify and identify any potential turbulence wind risks with high accuracy.
Wind turbine selection
Based on the CFD and wind data analysis result, wind turbine models that suit the site wind conditions will be recommended. Initial operational strategy will be evaluated when necessary.
Layout optimisation
Wind turbine positions will be optimised for maximum production. The optimised layout together with wind risk information will be presented to turbine manufacturers. A thorough discussion on the layout and related operational strategy will be held with manufacturers to ensure stable operation of every single turbine.
Energy production assessment
To achieve high accuracy, unsteady LES simulation is carried out with high resolution topographical and roughness data as input. Taking into account the turbine's control and performance characteristics, the energy yield for each individual turbine will be calculated with the highest possible precision.
Extreme wind speed estimation
Unsteady LES simulation together with statistical knowledge and computation of historical meteorological data or mesoscale data should allow estimation of the 50 year return period wind speed at a high level of confidence.
Effective O&M plan deployement
Based on the operational track record and the turbine characteristics, a cost-effective maintenance plan will be proposed.
Turbine inspection
Turbine inspections will be carried out before dispatch from factory, at the point of dispatch, and upon arrival at sites. Conditions of the turbine and its key components are recorded. When necessary, advice on modifications and repair will be made.


Commissioning inspection
Turbine inspections will be carried out after turbine commissioning and before handover, or at the start of the warranty period. Conditions of the turbine and its key components are recorded. When necessary, advice on modifications and repair will be made.


Turbulence confirmation
Acutal turbine operational condition and operational data are analysed for early detection of any turbulence risk. If there is a potential risk, a necessary prevention strategy will be discussed with manufacturers.
Power performance check
Taken into the wind conditions, the performance of each single turbine will be verified by constructing the power curves, and comparing them with the warranty power curves.
End of warranty inspection
Turbine inspections will be carried out before the end of warranty period, taking into account the operational, incident and maintenance record. Turbine conditions are recorded, with a punch list created if necessary.
Periodic in-service inspections
Turbine inspections will be carried out periodically to ensure long term turbine health and project sustainability.
Failure investigation & analysis
In case of serious failure and trouble, turbine and wind conditions will be investigated to find out the cause, and advice made for prevention of recurrence.

TWD can provide the necessary services for the above tasks