Mission & Vision

Our mission is to have all complex terrain wind farms achieve the elegance and high performance of which they are capable. The growth of a healthy wind industry contributes to the shift from nuclear to renewable energy. We provide the necessary design and technical advice to achieve efficient and stable energy production, towards our vision of a sustainable low-carbon society.


Graham Li

Wind Data Analysis, Turbulence Study, Production Estimate

Graham Li

RES 1999-2005
Eurus 2005-2012

Hideki Matsuura

Turbine Design, Inspection, Repair & Reform

Hideki Matsuura (External Adviser)

IHI 1993-2002
Eurus 2002-2007
Mecal 2007-2009
CWP 2009-Present

Dr. Takanori Uchida

Wind Engineering & CFD

Kyushu University
Dr. Takanori Uchida

Research Institue of Applied Mechanics
Developer of RIAM-COMPACT®

Takashi Inada

IT & Photography

Takashi Inada

Dr. Teruo Ohsawa

Marine Meterology & WRF

Kobe University
Dr. Teruo Ohsawa


Tsubasa Windfarm Design (TWD)
Ninomiya 364-10
Akiruno Tokyo Japan
Tel 81 80 2379 2899